When to choose the Staff Augmentation model

Reasons why a potential customer may choose IA Webtech's Software Team Augmentation approach can vary. Based on our experience, the most typical cases can be divided into the following types.

You have an in-house development team

Even the most effective and high-performing in-house IT team might need a hand, from time to time, to deliver faster or close gaps. Staff Augmentation will help you address this issue.

You have in-house technical leadership

Working with our experts will enable you to put your envisioned tech concepts into practice and carry out even the most challenging and daring IT plans.

You want to speed up the execution of your in-house projects

If you realize your IT project requires additional specialists to get things done, involving our skilled experts will help you give momentum to your tech initiative.

You need to recruit people to your team quickly without a long recruitment process

Speed and a quick time-to-market are key prerequisites for success in a competitive market. Staff Augmentation with IA Webtech will enable you get the specialists you need ASAP, without wasting time.

You need new or advanced skills and technologies that are missing in-house

Quite often, complex IT projects require a special set of competencies focused on a particular issue. IT Staff Augmentation Services provided by IA Webtech will effectively close any possible gap.

You expect a short or mid-term engagement

IA Webtech  cost-effective Staff Augmentation framework is a perfect option if you have to implement an IT project with a limited time span and urgently needed results.

Benefits of IA Webtech Team Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation Services provided by a trusted outsourcing company is an advantageous solution. Here are four main benefits of including IA Webtech’s professionals in your project development.

Significant cost efficiencies

When it comes to investing in your project, you don't have to worry about infrastructure costs and issues if we are your partner. IA Webtech always offers robust hardware, cyber security safeguards, and the best software development resources.

Zero recruitment risk

On average, finding a good IT specialist requires six weeks, with no guarantee of successful adaptation and performance. IA Webtech only employs professionals, and any of our specialists you choose will be ready to start working within ten business days.

Flexibility and quick access to any skillset

Outsourcing your IT initiatives to our software specialists will allow you to set up the development process the way you want it – with no extra costs on office rent, equipment, and amenities.

Full control over project development

The Staff Augmentation model proposed by IA Webtech gives you full control over the development process so that you can set goals and define priorities of the greatest importance to your business.

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