When to choose the Managed Delivery model

IA Webtech's customers opt for the Managed Delivery model for a variety of reasons. On the basis of our extensive track record, we have distinguished the most typical problems that are best addressed with this framework.

You need a clear timeline and results

With our extensive experience, we can swiftly generate accurate estimates concerning both the overall duration of your IT project and the results we will ensure within this timeframe.

You want to exercise transparent budget control

When it comes to resource estimates, our projections are as accurate as the deadlines we set. All your expenses and costs will be thoroughly assessed in advance and tracked.

Feature management is a must for you

IA Webtech's Managed Delivery experts will make sure that you can define the set of features you expect to obtain and take into consideration every applicable element.

Your in-house team should focus on business matters

Contracting IA Webtech will relieve your IT employees of additional development burdens and enable them to fully concentrate on your core business priorities.

You need multi-faceted external expertise

Sometimes, in-house teams lack not only some skills but also entire development and management skill sets. That's when IA Webtech s product development services come to the rescue.

You want to share responsibility with a trusted vendor

Entrusting your IT initiatives to IA Webtech's managed delivery framework will grant you access to a source of deep external expertise so that you can mitigate any risks and avoid numerous problems. product development services come to the rescue.

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