When to choose the Dedicated Team model

Conditions under which a potential customer needs a Dedicated Engineering Team may vary. Based on our experience, the most typical cases can be divided into the following types.

You want to deliver a mid or long-term project

If your challenging tech initiative may take a significant amount of time, it is better to hire a Dedicated Development Team as a strategic partner to mitigate any risks.

You have a project with unclear paths or requirements

Unclear IT project paths and conflicting requirements are a serious threat. Mitigate these risks with an Agile Development Team from IA Webtech that you can assemble and manage.

You have an in-house Product Owner with domain expertise

IT initiatives involving several tech stacks are hard to implement unless you have a Dedicated Software Development Team possessing a mastery of all tools required and working under your in-house guidance.

You want to remain involved in decision-making

Changing requirements, fluctuating priorities, and an unstable environment pose considerable risks if you don't have a dedicated team of developers to firmly rely on.

You need technical expertise in a particular area

Quite often, complex IT projects require a special set of competencies focused on a particular issue. A Dedicated Software Development Team assembled with our assistance will close any gap.

You want to implement an MVP project

A successful MVP is all about adequate understanding and speed. The best way to ensure these is to collaborate with a top-ranked Dedicated Team of developers.

Benefits of IA Webtech's Dedicated Teams

IA Webtech's Dedicated IT Teams generate an entire range of project deliverables for your success.

Optimized team with guaranteed performance level

Contact us if you need a Dedicated IT team with a mastery of the very skill set you need so that its members can apply their knowledge to your project with a guaranteed performance level.

Flexibility and scalability

Hire a Dedicated IT team provided by our company to ensure the level of scalability and flexibility needed to reach your business goals.

Complete transparency and control

IA webtech will give you a Dedicated Team of IT experts that will collaborate with you in an environment of transparency, understanding, and full control.

Focus on value delivery

IA Webtech's Dedicated Teams of IT experts see their key mission as delivering the maximum business value possible for your IT initiatives.

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